Monday, August 9, 2010


Over Spring break, A,our mothers, & I went on
a college-visit road-trip (: We went to UW Madison,
Northwestern, and some other smaller schools.

We ended up in Chicago for a few days of shopping
and eating- it was a very fun mini-vacation!

Picture 1:
Cardigan- Hollister
Tribal Print Dress- Forever 21

Pictures 2-5:
Blue Dress- Delia*s
Shoes- Puma
Little Mermaid Purse- made by me (:
Sunglasses- Lauren Ralph Lauren

Picture 6:
Sweatshirt- VS Pink
Pink Tee- from a cross-country meet
Jeans- Hollister


  1. great photos!! i love the one were you both were sitting next to the statue hehe :) you ladies both look lovely!!

  2. I love your blue dress<3
    nice photos. I love Chicago! I have been there twice :D

  3. Thanks to both of you ! (: <3

    Nana- Chicago is awesome! I've been there at least once every since I was born (: