Monday, August 23, 2010

Junior Prom (:

My dress was my mother's. She wore it to a sorority
party when she was in college in the 70s (:
I bought my shoes at Nordstrom Rack.
My clip-on earrings are from Herberger's.
The purse is from a local consignment store.

Here are my prom pictures! They're a little late...
prom was about 4 months ago, but I didn't have my blog
4 months ago! I just put up my favorite photos from prom-
none of the boring group ones! I went with friends:
M is in the red dress & C is in the orange dress.
It was a very fun night & I can't wait to do it
again next year!


  1. :] You look really really really beautiful :]
    This dress is amazing! The color looks really good on you and I love your Make-up! :]

  2. Such a agorgeous dress. You look really pretty. SarahD:)